Professor G. Pleios exhibits continuous presence in greek and international mass media. Most of the available content is in greek language, therefore you are advised to visit the section in greek, in order to view a detailed list and the correspondent multimedia.

Selected Interviews in TV Programmes:

  • About internet, journalism and information, in the digital TV channel Info+ of ERT Digital
  • On blogs in the  digital TV channel Info+, ERT Digital – 19/4/2010
  •  On 2010 UK electoral campaign, in digital TV channel Info+, ERT Digital– 16/4/2010
  • On Economic Crisis,  channel Info+, ΕRΤ Digital – 25/1/2010 
  • On young people idenditiesMAD channel, 8/10/2009
  • Interview with Viara Ankova, News Director in the State Bulgarian TV,Panorama emission, 2/10/2009 
  • Interview on Labroatory’s activities, ERT Digital
  • Interview on quality of TV news with the newscaster Sia Kossioni, Skai TV Station’s News bulletin, 17/5/2007
  • Interview about laboratory’s research findings on TV news, ‘Kathimerina’ emission, 2nd channel of the Greek State TV, 17/6/2005